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Roth Products Co., a principal collecting and distributing organization of high quality, frozen beef and pork pancreas glands, basic materials obtained from the meat packing industry, has been serving proudly for more than 50 years. Domestic and International Insulin Manufacturers including Novo-Nordisk A/S and Eli Lilly & Co. relied on us to conduct and oversee the collections of well- trimmed high quality pancreas glands that met their specifications for production. In the recent past with the focus on human based insulin at these companies we have continued to collect high quality materials for smaller manufacturers of insulin and for enzyme manufacturing while also developing new areas related to the collection of animal glands and organs.

Domestic and international organizations require our quality control services in the area of supplying meat by-products to be utilized in commercial production and research projects. Roth Products Company serves organizations of various sizes in the sectors of Pharmaceutical productions, University-based research and institutions engaged in applied research. We are involved in the collection of fresh and frozen materials for companies such as Merck & Co., the National Institute of Health and the University of Maryland.

Our excellent long-term relationship with the three major meat-packing companies enables us to visit their plants and work closely with the operators to insure the products are collected to the customers' specifications.

Having served the pharmaceutical industry for many years, Roth Products through the dedication of its technical and experienced staff has provided unique, specialized services. While our core business activity has been impacted by biotechnology including genetic engineering, we are confidently seeking new areas for growth. Our team is hard working and committed.

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